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Articles by AFTA Trainers

Welcome to the section of our site where we feature personal trainer and nutrition articles that are written by AFTA trainers. This is a new and very exciting area of our site that is sure to receive great attention. Whether you have an extensive background, or you are just joining the industry, writing about past experiences or researching topics to discuss can help you to better contribute to your field.

What could I write about you might ask? Well, as to past experiences how about a great success story of a client. How was their life impacted? Is it possible that you have some past experiences of your own that you would like to share? Are there new supplements or training methods currently in the mainstream that you do not agree with? Whatever the idea of your article, don't hesitate to submit it.

You can submit as many articles as you wish. Please understand that there are no guarantees when and if your article will be published.

Email your articles to articles at


      All rights reserved.   To use our trainers' articles, you must include the authors' names and show under their names.

Dr. Suzanne Osborne

Dr. Suzanne Osborne, aka Dr. Suzy, is a semi-retired chiropractor and nationally recognized alternative health and fitness consultant.  She has experience treating World Class, professional, and Olympic athletes and is certified and licensed by AFTA in fitness training.  Dr. Osborne has made numerous appearances as a health and fitness expert on international television and is a regular columnist for a national health magazine as well as the author of the book, Pure Life (see  She specializes in exercise physiology and nutritional advice, assisted and sports specific stretching, and strength training instruction. She can be reached at (239)353-9182 or e-mail:

Articles by Dr. Suzy Osborne:

"Stronger Everyday"

"Flexible Strength"

"Five Tips for Getting in Shape This Summer"



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