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 With each AFTA certification, you will receive:


a certificate titled "Certified (in whatever course of study you completed)"


a wallet-size ID card


proof of course content to show clients or employers


ongoing email support at


a free listing in our directory with any contact information that you desire



AFTA offers online courses and/or home study courses!  Scroll down the page for our list of courses.


AFTA was the 1st to offer Partner Programs!!

You may see that other companies are now offering a partner program for courses they offer. We will be glad to tell you that AFTA was the first company to offer this fantastic option! With the online partner program, 1,2,3,4, or even 5 individuals may enroll at the same time to receive a discount.  Each enrollee must complete and submit his/her own exam.

First Aid, CPR, and AED:

Any trainer/instructor should have first aid training and/or CPR training PRIOR to working with any clients. The onsite training should be completed through the American Red Cross, a medical facility, fire department, etc.  We do NOT recommend an online or home study course for first aid or CPR training.  Most fitness centers/gyms will require at least a current CPR card and some will also require AED training before they will allow a trainer to work on the floor with clients.


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Online Courses for certification:

Personal Trainer

Youth/Adolescent Fitness Trainer



Home Study Courses for certification:

                        Personal Trainer II                                 

Female Fitness Instructor

 Group Exercise (aerobics +)

Fitness Assessment

Sports Nutritionist

       Senior Fitness Instructor

Athlete Recovery



Combination Programs for Certification

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Recertification Requirements   (contains continuing education courses)


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