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Fitness Resources


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101 Stretching & Flexibility Exercises - Take your flexibility to the next level with over 100 stretching and flexibility exercises.  Improve your athletic performance, eradicate sports injury and do away with tight stiff muscles!

A to Z Fitness -- Your one stop fitness resource site

American Alliance for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance

American College of Sports Medicine

American Diabetes Association

American Heart Association

EZ Fitness Tips - Fitness tips and resources for fitness of the mind, body, and spirit

Nutrition Fitness Guide - Lose weight and achieve lifetime fitness. Precious information and resources on fitness, weight loss, nutrition, exercise and motivation

Be Your Best Fitness

Beating Diabetes - Diabetics and prediabetics can learn to take control of their lives with our program of diet and exercise

Better U, Inc Free Fitness and Exercise Information and Online Personal Training - For top quality, free information on fitness, exercises, fat loss, nutrition, muscle building, and more visit us today

Body for Mind-Wellness Lifestyle Fitness Program - Boost your energy, lose weight without diet, get fit, sculpt our body by following mind and body transformations

Building Bodies Newsletter - Workout topics for fitness tips in building bodies

CKM (Canadian Kettlebell Magazine) - Canada's first and only online magazine dedicated to Kettlebell training. This monthly magazine is your one stop location for information on Kettlebell training, products, workshops and certification.

ClearLead - is a fitness directory of fitness resources

Clutch Fitness - Forum about fitness and athletes

Corporate Wellness Programs - At Jena Wellness we offer nutritional and lifestyle counseling, bodywork, private yoga, as well as seminars and corporate wellness programs

Course Catalog for Fitness - Continuing fitness education courses online catalog selections - Online health directory and health resource - The comprehensive fitness web directory

Dumbbell Buddy - Gym flooring, home gyms, weight benches, weights, treadmills, and commercial equipment

Education Materials for Physical Activity - Offers education in exercise prescription, nutrition, personal training, fitness assessment, health promotion, special populations, older adults, flexibility, sports massage, strength training, and administration management

Fat Loss Articles - Venuto's articles about fat loss

First Fitness of Orlando - Fitness solutions to be fit and trim

Fitness and Wellness - Resources in careers, products, classifieds, and more

Fitness Blog - Information on fitness resources

Fitness Careers - Tips and articles on fitness careers

Fitness and Health Related Web Services - Offers personal training, nutritional counseling, exercise videos, fitness supplements, articles, and more.

Fitness Consultation - Benefits of exercise, strength/bodybuilding training, cardiovascular training, and sport/fitness nutrition.  Randy's fitness consultation creates fitness evaluations and exercise programs best suited for ones needs, plus so much more!

Fitness Consumer Information - Offers information for health and fitness needs

FitnessDirectory - Your Resource to a Healthy Life - Focuses on health and nutrition, fitness and exercise, weight loss, and dieting.  We have over 7.600 links in more than 700 categories.

Fitness Industry Register - Online training advice, rehab, special populations, fitness tools, and more

Fitness from Ireland -- Biggest and most comprehensive health and fitness website in Ireland

Fitness Trainers - Fitness trainers, fitness programs, and fitness products

Football - The Sport Catalog offers a complete selection of sporting goods and equipment for sports and recreation facilities

Gatorade Sports Science Institute - Hydration, sports nutrition, training and performance, medical conditions, sports injuries, youth in sports

Getting Lean - Fitness superstore of exercises, nutrition, motivation, bodybuilding, articles, and more

Guide to Senior Living for Seniors - Very informative resource for seniors 50+ in sports, exercise, fitness, health, money, and travel

Gyms & Health Clubs - in Allegheny County, PA

Gym Zone - Offers resources for gyms, sports, and organizations

Health6 -- A comprehensive health directory

Health Club - Fitness Club - We pride ourselves on being the most innovative health and fitness club in the area in the greater Sacramento area

Health Finder -- National Health Information Center (government)

Health Fit - Health resources and information

HFC Health Fitness Centers - Health improvement solutions

Health News - Articles and discussions on health news

Healthy Life 24 Hours - Keep your health fit 24 hours

Holistic Nutritional Counseling - Healthy lifestyles with holistic nutrition

Home of Will Brink -- Bodybuilding author. Consultation, free articles, Q & A, forums, etc.

Human Anatomy - Online interactive anatomy

Information for the Mature Adults

Information on Kids Health

Leisure Jobs - Extensive range of jobs including fitness jobs and jobs in sports

Look Health Fit - Health directory and health resource on the web

Mario Strong -- A bodybuilding and fitness website for those who dare to be natural

Mayo Clinic - Fitness and exercise information

Muscle and Health - A great choice for discussion about training, supplements, diet and sport. Get the knowledge. Share the knowledge.

Myherbals -- Myherbals is a unique online natural health information portal

National Association for Health & Fitness

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases - NIDDK

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

National Institute on Aging

Natural health and beauty supplies

Net Health Book - Dr. Ray Schilling - Medical website with free information on medical conditions, symptoms, diagnostic tests, and treatment

Netsweat - The internet fitness resource for athletic clothing, exercise equipment, plus information on exercise, weight loss and wellness

OnlineFit - Health and fitness exercises, products, and much more.

Open Directory - Includes resources for fitness, health, nutrition, personal training, and more

Personal Trainer Business Cards - Business cards and brochures for personal trainers

Personal Training Services - Personal trainer's network to find a personal trainer, get business solutions and client services

Physigraphe Clipart

President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

REPS Magazine - Focuses on building muscle and losing fat with emphasis on building a healthy lifestyle

Restoring Troubled Teens -- Restoring troubled teens in Christian boarding school.  Purpose is to provide schools, camps, programs, homes to troubled teens, struggling teens and troubled youth.

Sports and Recreation - Website resource for different sports and recreation

Sports on Demand - Information and resources about sports

Sports Watches -- Reach your fitness goals with Fitsense.  Featuring advanced online personal training technology developed by world class athletes, sports watches and sports supplements at great prices. 100% secure online ordering

Step Aerobics Choreography has hundreds of animated moves and patterns, videos, step language dictionary, aerobic music board, training tips, aerobics links, and more.

The Fitness Directory - Find a personal trainer, discount vitamins, dietary supplements, and home fitness equipment

The - Compliment your physique & your workout! The most awesome weight trainer tees on the planet!!  Unique muscle polos, tanks, sleeveless, mock neck, sweats, head gear & more!  Sizes up to 5 XL! Free 100% heavyweight graphic cotton shirt with every order!

Truly Huge -- A truly huge bodybuilding, health, and fitness site

Washington-Oregon Fishing Guide Service -- Professional fishing guide is licensed in both Oregon and Washington for salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon. Specialize in high quality fishing experience, gourmet meal all at normal guided fishing rate.

Weight Training, Muscle Building and Fitness Magazine -- Real Solutions offers weight training tips on how to build muscle and increase fitness for your absolute best body

Whole Body Vibration - Bodyvibeusa provides whole body vibration fitness device for overall toning and health benefits. Increase metabolism, increases bone density, strengthens muscles, etc at economical prices.

Women's - Offers weight loss and fitness program for women to achieve healthy weight and optimum fitness. Look out for free daily tips, motivation, fitness tools, health, recipes, exercise instruction, articles, and much more.

Women's Directory for Health and Weight Loss - Information on health, diet, fitness, weight loss, and health care.

World's Largest Online Directory of Education