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Online  Course via the internet

 No waiting for materials to ship



Take advantage of this remarkable opportunity to become a "Certified Personal Trainer" with AFTA's online personal trainer certification course


AFTA's online Personal Trainer course's content covers personal training and nutrition!  This gives you a more in-depth course for your personal trainer certification.  


The online certification course will allow you quickly to start your certification program!


All of the course is online, so no waiting for materials to ship!


Exams are graded within 5 business days of our receiving the exam.


Receive the title of being "Certified"


If you don't pass the first time, you may restudy and retake your exam 1 more time within the 12 month enrollment period at no additional cost!


How does the online process actually work?

The course is arranged by informational sections and pictures.

After you enroll and after we receive the order from PayPal, you will receive 2 emails from AFTA: one for enrollment info and the last one will include login information with instructions.  Once you have logged into your course, directions are given on how to complete the course and exam. Refunds are not issued on this online course. Completed exams will be graded within 5 days of our receiving the exam (weekends and holidays are excluded in that time frame).  Your exam results will then be e-mailed to you.


Choice of Exams:

Since some fitness centers require proctored exams and others do not, you have the choice of which exam to complete.  The non-proctored exam is included in the online course material and can be completed at your convenience.   The proctored exam will be mailed to our proctor in your area.  The online exam can be studied in preparation for the proctored exam that will be scheduled in your area at the convenience of both you and the proctor.  The included exam and the non-proctored exams do not contain the same questions.

What does the exam consist of?

The exam will consist of T or F, fill in the blank, multiple choice, short answer questions, and application projects.  Successful completion of the course requires a minimum exam score of 85. 


Who qualifies to take this course?


You must be at least 18 years of age but not in high school and physically able to work with and monitor clients.


You are not required to hold any certifications or college degrees.


Good knowledge and experience with different kinds of fitness equipment and exercises is required.  Please do not enroll in a personal training certification course if you do not have this experience. (Participation in high school sports training does not qualify for the required knowledge and experience.)


How long will it take to complete the course?

This will all depend on your prior knowledge and experience in the field. Estimated time to complete the course is 4 - 6 weeks, but you have an entire year from date of enrollment to submit the exam.


Do I have to renew my certification?

Due to most insurance companies and fitness centers requiring recertification, you will be required to complete continuing education courses to renew the certificate.  Recertification is required every 2 years. 


Personal Trainer Course Outline


Important things to know as an instructor


Business aspects of personal training


 How to set your rates


How to reach clients 


Risk factor screening 


Program design guidelines


Fitness assessments


Exercise and older adults


Preventing injury


Circuit training


Strength training programs


Cardiovascular training


Basic aerobics




Plyometric training




Bodybuilding for lean muscle mass


Use of partial reps and full ROM reps




Nutrition section


What builds and fuels muscle


How to lose/gain weight



AFTA Partner Program - Great for clubs or gyms!

The AFTA Partner Program allows 1,2,3,4 or 5 individuals to enroll at the same time to receive a discount.  Partners do not have to submit exams at the same time!  The partner program is for purchase discount only; each partner MUST complete his/her own exam.



You can use your credit card or an E-check below through PayPal.  We also accept mailed in orders with a US Postal money order or a business check from United States checking accounts only. We no longer accept international money orders or international bank drafts.   Log in information will not be emailed to you until the business check has cleared your bank and/or PayPal notifies us that your e-check has cleared your bank (usually 5 to 7 business days).

If mailing your payment, include your name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, and name of course.  Send the payment to: AFTA, P.O. Box 253, Ripley, TN 38063





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                     Sales Tax applies to Tennessee residents


Optional supplement :  Anatomy Training handbook   This book can only be purchased with an AFTA course order.    The handbook will ship to the assigned shipping address on the order.    Recommended if you have not had an anatomy course.    REFUNDS are NOT issued for this book.

The anatomy training handbook is for advanced strength training knowledge in human anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics.  The book contains over illustrations or demonstrations of exercises and causes of training injuries with preventive measures.  The book is NOT required for the course but is a reference book on exercises and muscles.


   1 Anatomy Book  $ 34.95  -- This book is not sold without a course order.



(Please monitor your emails for the 2 emails we'll send after you order!  The first one will be for enrollment information and the 2nd one will be your username and password. Check your email address given in the order and make sure it is correct.)


Online Personal Trainer Courses sold below


    1 Person --  Online Personal Trainer course with included exam   -    $199.99


   1 Person with included exam



    1 Person --  Online Personal Trainer course with proctored exam  -   $249.99 

          1 Person with proctored exam



    2 Persons --  Online Personal Trainer course with included exam   -    $299.99 


2 Persons with included exam



    2 Persons --  Online Personal Trainer course with proctored exam   -   $379.99

           2 Persons with proctored exam



    3 Persons  --   Online Personal Trainer course with included exam   -   $399.99

    3 Persons with included exam



    3 Persons   --   Online Personal Trainer course with proctored exam   --  $519.99

             3 Persons with proctored exam



    4 Persons  --   Online Personal Trainer course with included exam     -   $499.99

   4 Persons with included exam



   4 Persons  --  Online Personal Trainer course with proctored exam    --     $649.99

             4 Persons with proctored exam