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Recertification Requirements


 AFTA requires recertification every two years.   You have a choice of two options for renewal.


Option One:

Continuing education courses from the list of courses shown below.  To ensure that you receive your renewal certificate prior to the date of expiration on your current certificate, you need to have both courses successfully completed prior to 30 days before the date of expiration on your certificate; otherwise, you will be operating on an expired certificate until you complete the required CEUs shown below for each certification.

** Sports Nutrition certification renewal must be through a nutrition CEC.


Option Two:

If you prefer an additional certification within your current certified field rather than just a renewal of your current one by CECs, you can enroll in another one of our courses shown at .   When the additional certification course is successfully completed, we will issue the certification in that field of study  PLUS issue a renewal of your current certificate.

NOTE:  Before the renewed fitness training certificate is mailed to you, we need proof of current CPR training.  Exception: CPR proof is not required for those who only have a certification in nutrition and/or youth fitness training.  Proof can be provided either by mailing a copy to AFTA, P O Box 253, Ripley, TN  38063 or by sending it via an email attachment to



CEC Selections shown below:

The CEC selections below are home study courses. We chose this method so you could have a book and/or CDs/DVDs for continued reference to that information.  Order the required number of courses pertaining to your certification.  Exams for each course contain up to 40 multiple choice questions.  Each of our CECs has a value of 7 CEUs.

Please monitor your emails for the  shipping information after you order!   Check your email address given in the order and make sure it is correct.)


                            Required CEUs for specific certifications shown below:


To renew PT, PT II, or FFI, you need 2 of the following courses below (do not have to order both courses at one time):  Group Exercise only needs one course.

Optimal Muscle Training w/ DVD of 100+ exercises      NOT for Group Exercise renewal

Course covers biomechanics of lifting for max growth and strength; 3 levels of testing; techniques; and corrective training. Book contains 121 pages with storage area for DVD.



Assessing and Training the Core w/DVD, 160 pages    NEW



Nonlinear Periodization Training     NOT for Group Exercise renewal

Course covers how to design nonlinear periodization training programs (also for special populations) for max workouts while ensuring sufficient recovery for clients.  Book has 256 pages.



Full-Body Flexibility

Course contains training methods for flexibility, strength, and muscle balance for fitness and/or sports performance. Book has 216 pages.



Female Body Sculpting w/ DVD 

Course includes base fitness, progresses to total body conditioning, and then to advanced, focused toning.  The DVD provides instruction with the 248 page book having icons for reference to the demonstrations in the DVD.



Strength Ball Training w/ DVD 

Over 140 exercises for strength, balance, coordination, core stability, and functional performance.  Course includes training for both the stability and the medicine ball.  Textbook contains illustrations of the exercises.  DVD has live demonstrations that also show trainers how to work with clients.



Strength Band Training  

The textbook contains over 100 exercises using resistive bands and tubing for strength training and stretching exercises.



Men's Body Sculpting   256 pages      NEW



Muscle Imbalance - Assessing and Treating  312 pages; Hardback       NEW




To renew Senior Fitness Instructor certificate -- Choose one of the following courses

Strength Ball Training w/ DVD  (order above)   

Strength Band Training  (order above)   

Assessing and Training the Core w/DVD (order above)     NEW

Muscle Imbalance - Assessing and Treating (order above)     NEW


Functional Fitness for Older Adults:   128 pages      

   Functional fitness teaches specific exercises to help older adults with their daily lives



Balance & Mobility Training to Prevent Falling w/DVD     328 pages; Hardback     NEW





To renew YAFT certificate  -- Choose 2 of the following courses

Adaptive Games and Activities    216 pages       

     Games from tag to team building that can be used regardless of learning or physical ability levels.  Games/activities range from low to high organization. Variations and modifications shown to meet "special education" levels.  Little to no equipment required.



Stability Ball Games    152 pages          

     73 stability ball games for youth/adolescent balance, coordination, races, relays, games for large groups, game variations, and presented for equal participation   



Kids Athletic Fitness    184 pages 

     Conditioning athletic skills through drills, games, and exercises



Youth Strength Training   248 pages       NEW



Youth Warm-Ups & Cool Downs - Fun Games/activities     216 pages      NEW



Gymnastics for Kids     184 pages       NEW



Station Activities for Youth     136 pages      NEW

Basic skills, sports and fitness fundamentals, how to change up each activity; similar to a circuit training program





To renew Sports Nutrition Advisor certificate --  Choose one of the following courses:

Vegetarian Sports Nutrition      262 pages      



Eating on the Run      224 pages     

     Eating on the run teaches your client how to eat at family dinners and in restaurants; ethnic meals, fast foods, and more.



Sports Nutrition for Endurance      NEW

Focuses on endurance athletes (cycling, triathlons, etc)     320 pages



Performance Nutrition        200 pages       NEW

Developed by a physiologist/nutritionist and a sports dietitian/triathlon coach; includes real life examples & case studies



Nutrient Timing for Peak Performance   248 pages       NEW

Developed by sports nutritionists. Includes principles, nutrients, strategies, and menus.




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