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"Discipline and Dedication for Desired Results"


Do not allow the title of this article to give you the impression that you are to be a drill instructor to your client. As a trainer, you are the instructor and teacher to your client. One of your first steps is to get across to your client the understanding of the self-discipline and dedication that it will take to fully achieve the results that he/she desires.

Your client from the beginning will be asking questions such as, "What kind of results can I expect to get out of this program"? This is where you will explain about setting goals and objectives. You must first work with your client to understand what they desire to achieve. Without knowing your client's short and long term goals, you cannot begin to answer the question of expected results and benefits. When your client pops the question asked above, there is one point that you must get across to him--As with most things in life, you will only get back out what you put in. Simply put, to receive 100% of the possible results that you seek, you must put in 100% effort. A fitness program that is completed with only 50% effort will only provide results of that.

The idea that it takes minimum effort and dedication to transfigure or change the body and overall health is a complete error. Even though many clients have tried other programs in the past, they gave them only 50% effort and never found the results they sought out. This one important point of self-discipline and 100% dedication almost always slips as a potential reason for failure or lack of success!


Points to take from article -

Before starting the fitness program, your client should first decide what he/she seeks to get from it. Next, by working together you will set high but realistic goals and objectives to reach the client's desired results. The final point is that you must have your clients to understand that to achieve the results that they desire, the discipline and dedication has to come from them, not you!

                           --- Author: Chad Barnhart, AFTA Fitness Director